BY CHATEL presents the first exhibition of Mr. John Isaac in France, highlighting the work of this Indo-American photographer during the last forty years.

Working for the United Nations and UNICEF, he accompanied former UN Secretary Generals Waldheim, Perez de Cuellar, Boutros-Ghali and Kofi Annan, and traveled to more than 100 countries. Among the historic events John witnessed are the independence of Namibia, the famine in Ethiopia, the Vietnamese boat people, the Gulf War, the horrors of war in Bosnia and the genocide in Rwanda. He also had the privilege of traveling on assignments with Miss Audrey Hepburn, when she was an Ambassador for UNICEF.
Then, an unexpected call came from Michael Jackson inviting him to be his photographer during his HISTORY tour. John also worked for Luciano Pavarotti & Friends.

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2000 : Lifetime Achievement Award, International Photographic Council
1993 : Professional Photographer of the Year, PhotoImaging Manufact and Distrib Association (PMDA)
1991 : Best Outdoor Photograph of the Year, Graphis Magazine Awards
1985 : Picture of the Year Award
1985 : Kodak Professional Showcase Award
1972 : Grand Prize, United Nations Development Program

Since 1972, he won 13 prizes for the Nikon International Photography Contest.

Exhibitions : New York, Hanover, Lisbon, Tokyo, Brisbane, Vancouver, Tsukuba, Genoa, Singapore …

Press : National Wildlife Magazine, American Photo Magazine, The Washington Post, The Travel Photographer, The Literate Lens, Outdoor Photographer Magazine….