Since her first exhibition at “Reg’ Art’” at the Palais des Papes in Avignon, followed by her second, at “Recevoir” at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris in 2000, the authenticity and originality of the creativity of Jacqueline Ducerf and her unique tablewares is recognized by the press and received the “Métiers d’Art Sema” prize in 2000.

Following that accolade, she exhibited her work in Dubai, Luxembourg, Prague and New York. She remained quite attached to Paris, launching several exhibitions in the City of Light, most notably at the exquisite Hotel de Noailles, near the Opera and at the Gallery Noëlle Aleyne, on Charlot Street.

She established her first workshop in Provence, where she developed her personal style, applying precious metals on porcelain and glass. The elegant calligraphy adorning some of her pieces, combined to the liberal but delicate use of gold and silver, beautifuly expresses her affinity to the materials.

Her style and the singularity of her eclectic work are difficult to classify : independant, demanding and always ground-breaking.

For the 10 out of 10 exhibition, Jacqueline is still flirting with ideas for tablewares :

• She has brought to life immaculate and minimalistic shape, delicately adorning them with her platinum calligraphy ;
• Breaking the etiquette, Jacqueline Ducerf invites you to “read at the table”…..the words of authors…..hand-written in gold and platinum on her striking porcelain shapes.